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CaminoAero has been created by a group of aviation and software development professionals, to provide effective software applications for the aviation community. The idea was born during the purchase of an aircraft, where many hours were spent scouring through page after page of aircraft log books.The seller of the aircraft was unable to present a clear picture of if, and when, each Airworthiness Directive, Inspection and Service Bulletin was completed, or more importantly, not completed.

Working through this frustration and after some further investigation into how other aircraft owners tracked their maintenance activities, we discovered that most followed their aircraft's maintenance with either (1) the use of a white board; or (2) hours spent building complex spreadsheets (some did nothing at all, and left this important role to their entrusted AME – who had dozens of other aircraft to care for). These poor, inefficient practices were all because existing software was too costly. During the initial formulation of the idea we discovered that there were no cost-effective solutions available in the market for private aircraft owners. We combined this simple concept with the inclusion of Pilot Flight Log, which we felt was a natural and useful companion tool. We are the first company to bring these two features together, and we intend to be the best at it, all while staying affordable and reliable for private aircraft owners.


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