Pilot Log Book

Pilot Flight Log is a great way to track your flight time. Whether fixed wing or helicopter, there are numerous aspects that can be tracked. And, if you own an aircraft, those Pilot flight activities seamlessly integrate into the Aircraft Activity application. Here are some of the other aspects you can track:
  • Flight time
  • Flight routings
  • Aircraft types flown
  • Aircraft registrations
  • Include names of people you flew with
  • Takeoffs and landings (day / night)
  • Cross country hours
  • Day and night hours
  • Instrument approaches
  • Attach photos and documents to flights, from experiences you’ve had
  • Export and print reports

Aircraft Activity

Much like their owners, not all aircraft are the same. At CaminoAero, we’ve developed a system that allows you to enter the data that is most important to you. Track aircraft hours, maintenance due / completed dates, hours / days till next inspections, dates / hours of completed AD’s / SB’s. Even attach copies of paper logs displaying the AME’s log book entry.
  • Designed for aircraft owners with the vision to provide simplified oversight of their maintenance activities
  • Create your own customized maintenance schedule
  • Easily view upcoming maintenance requirements
  • Forecast and schedule shop visits with an easy-to-read dashboard
  • Accurately determine maintenance that is required from maintenance that isn’t due
  • Export and print reports
  • Provide maintenance activities and status to potential buyers
  • Easily transfer data to new owner
  • Affordable solution for aircraft owners

Document Tracking & Notifications

This might be the most routine aspect of our product line; however it’s incredibly useful. Whether you subscribe to just one product, or all of them, each account holder has access to our document tracking and notifications feature:
  • Open use. Use your imagination and track what you would like. Some great examples of what others are tracking:
  • License renewal date
  • Passport expiry date
  • Medical expiry date
  • Hanger lease renewal date
  • Aircraft insurance renewal date


Every account comes standard with a user NavDisplay. The NavDisplay will show data that is pertinent to you, such as upcoming due dates, hours recently flown, or even upcoming aircraft maintenance.
  • Pilot Activity
  • Display hours for the last 30, 90, 180, 365 Days
  • Document Tracking & Notifications
  • Display documents you find most important and receive notifications for upcoming due dates
  • Aircraft (for those items that don’t change very often)
  • Display dates of one time AD’s, SB’s etc.
  • Display aircraft specs
  • Aircraft serial number
  • Engine type(s) and serial numbers
  • Propeller type(s) and serial numbers
  • Empty weight
  • Max take-off weight
  • Year of manufacture
  • Maintenance (for those items that are frequently updated)
  • Display upcoming maintenance items